Remove Viruses Using Nero 6

How To Remove Viruses Using Nero 6

In this articles we learn how to remove any virus without any antivirus . No require any kinds of programming language .Only need some tricks. Everybody know virus is dangerous. Many harmful virus destroy our programs any time. They attack our computer or laptops many ways. In this post we can learn How To Remove Viruses Using Nero 6.We can delete viruses not only from Memory card but also but also from your computer very easily.   If we take necessary steps so we can protect any virus easily .Antivirus protect our computer many way. Many time antivirus help us to fast working our any programs.   Unfortunately I have no any kinds of antivirus in your computer. So how can you use your Computer. This time our computer is very risky for any viruses.   If you need to insert a memory card for copy any important data or files . But you haven’t any antivirus ,but you know about your memory card is condition. You know your memory card is affected by some viruses. But you have need your data form your memory card in any way. When you see , no any kinds of antivirus installed in your computer. So what can you do? We know that without installed any antivirus our computer is risky for any kinds of viruses. So friends don’t worry!!! Follow our easy steps to import or export any important data from your computer to viruses affected memory card. So friends let’s start now ………..

Remove Viruses Easily Using Nero 6

Everybody familiar Nero software. When you have need to copy write any CD/DVD so many people use this software. It is a Awesome software for copy write, erasing software. Now I want to discuss about remove any external or internal harmful viruses using the Nero.   You can able to delete or remove viruses using Nero 6. So please follow this all steps carefully !!   1St  step : In the first steps you need to install the Nero 6 full version software .If you don’t have full version so please download it using google search engine .If you have installed this software so please follow the next steps.. 2nd steps: Open the Nero software from programs menu or desktop icon. Select any copy  write format or function . Ex: Make data CD. Then follow next steps >>>>>>>> Remove Viruses Using Nero 6 2016 3rd Steps : When you click on any copy write function you can get a pop up menu . It is “Nero Express”. See details in the picture >>>>>>>   4th steps: When you get the pop up menu now click on the “Add” in the right menu. If you don’t understand my point so please see the picture >>>>>>>Remove Viruses Using Nero 6 2016 5th steps: When you click on the “Add” option this time you can get a new dialogue box . This is “Select Files and Folders” menu. 6th steps: Please select your memory card or pen drive  or double click on your memory card. 7th and final steps: When you open your memory card using Nero 6 you can able to see most harmful viruses. This time you need to delete the viruses . Please see the picture for more information………… Remove Viruses Using Nero 6   How can I delete the viruses ? Most of the people ask the question. It is very easy!!. First select all viruses and press “Delete” or “Shift+Del” as your like. When you delete all viruses using Nero 6 you can do everything in your computer and memory card . You can copy or import any files or data form your viruses affected memory card in other way. This way you have no need any kinds of software. You can use windows default program for copy data form your memory card without opening. At first insert your memory card or Pen Drive in your computer and follow our steps. Click “start” menu and click on “Run” . You can open the run menu using keyboard shortcut. “Press windows key+R” for open the run menu.   Next steps: When you open the run menu then click on “Browse”. This time you can see a dialogue box . This time you need to select your memory card. You can copy any file or folders or any data form your Memory card easy in viruses free. If you do this steps so viruses can’t attack your computer. So friends Enjoy it !!!! At last a request to you , if you like this post so please leave a comment below .
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