How To Take ScreenShot Using LightShot Software

How To Take Screenshot Using Lightshot Software. If you read this post so you can able to take screenshot in your computer easily. I have already published a article about ‘How to take screenshot on a computer easily”. Please click here to see our previous post about screenshot. How to take screenshot using light shot,how to take screenshot easily,how to take screen shot easily,how to take skin shot easily,how to take screenshot easily 2016, screen capture software 2016,best screen capture software 2016,top screen capture software 2016,top 10 screen capture software in this 2016 In this post we can learn a important thing. This is ‘How to Take Screenshot Easily Using Light Shot Software.

In this post i gone to share How To Take ScreenShot Using LightShot Software

At first I want to tell about this software’s feature.   Software Descriptions: Light Shot Software capacity: Don’t worry this software size is not big. This software size or capacity is too small. You can download this software from official website easily. It is only 2MB(2.41 MB (2,531,328 bytes)). So download this software now.   Supported Operating System: This is only one benefit of this software, this software is supported in any kinds of operating system. See details below of supported operating system.
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows Xp( Service Pack 1 & 2) operating system.
  • Windows Seven (7)
  • Windows Vista ( Service Pack 1 & 2) operating system.
  • Windows 8 operating system.
  • Windows 8.1 operating system.
  • Windows 10
  So don’t worry!! Download this software right now. You can download this software from official website. So download it now.

How to take screenshot ?

When your download is ready, then install it. When your install is complete so restart your computer. Now open your important window which window you want to take picture or screenshot. When you have got your window now Press “PrtScr SysRq” button from your computer keyboard. But the you have Press “PrtScr SysRq” button but do not show any black skin so please click on the Light Shot software icon. When you have press on “PrtScr SysRq” button from your computer keyboard this time you can see your computer monitor is become a black color. Like Black color. You can able to see only your mouse cursor in this window. You can also see a message in beside your mouse cursor. This is “Select Area”. This option help us to take screenshot in any area. If you want to take screenshot only you’re my computer icon, so you can do it easily.   If you want to take screenshot all window of your computer so drag your mouse cursor as your like about the screenshot. When you drag your mouse cursor this time you can see clear color of your selected area. When you have select your important location or area in your computer window, this time you can able to edit your selected area. See details in below. The Light Shot software help us to not use the photo editor software to edit our screenshot window. So do not waste your time to edit this software.
  • Pen
You can write many text in your selected window. You can write your text like your hand writing.
  • Line
This tools help us to indicate any kinds of important things. When you click on the “Line” tool now you can able to make indicate menu or options.
  • Arrow
The arrow tool help us to select  important items in our selected area. When you use this tool so you can see red color in this tool.
  • Rectangle
If you have need to select a important area in your selected area so you can select it easily using the “Rectangle” tool. So you have no need to edit this screenshot in any kinds of photo editor software.
  • Marker
Same of “Rectangle” tool.
  • Text
It is a awesome feature in the Light Shot software. You can easily write some text in your selected area’s.
  • Color
You can easily able to change your default color in others tools. If you want to share this screenshot so you can do it very easily. Suppose you have need to send your screenshot in “Google” account. So you can do it easily. Just press your mouse right button in your selected area and you can able to look many options. Now you can able to use any options as your need. If you want to print this selected area so you can do it very easily. Just press “Ctrl+P” from your keyboard and enjoy it.   You can also save your selected area in any location in your computer hard disk. Just you have need to press “Ctrl+S” button to save your screenshot. When you press “Ctrl+S” button from your computer this time you can see a dialogue box for save the screenshot. You can edit your captured location, name and captured photos types. You can save your screenshot just only three types. These is are “JPEG,PNG,BMP”.   If you read this post carefully so you can easily take screenshot using the light Shot software.   So Enjoy it now :-p   And stay with our website for new tips and tricks. Thanks advance.


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