How To Safe Your Computer From Crashing

Computer is one of the great discover of modern science. The computer make our life more enjoyable. We can do many work using the computer. You can see Computer in every house in the Modern era. And the Computer have one of the most problem. This problem is Crash. I think every computer shown this problem. So i want to share some tips to solve this problem easily. If you follow these tips so your computer safe from the Crashing.

How to safe computer from Crashing

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1. Hardware Conflict

What is the Hardware Conflict? It is one of the great reason for windows crash. One hardware and another hardware device’s communicate is called Hardware Conflict. You can also called “Interrupt Request Channel (IRQ)”. And the IRQ should be unique. Means one IRQ and another IRQ should be different. Ex: Generally printer connected channel name is IRQ 7, Keyboard connect IRP 1 and the floppy connect on the IRQ 6 channel. These device try to make unique channel from each others. If many device in the computer or these device’s do not installed correctly ,so the two or many device will share same IRQ. When users try to use both devices in same time, this time computer will do crashing. If you want to confirm about the Hardware Conflict have in your computer. So go to settings→ Control Panel → System → Device Manager. When you go ob the Device Manager option so this time you can see yellow color icon and “!” symbol. When you click on “Properties” in this icon, this time you can see the IRQ number this device use now.

How to solve this problem :

Go to device manager then uninstall these devices. If you uninstall these devices so you can easily solve the Hardware Conflict problem  

2. Bad RAM

You can guess this what can I say?. If you use the bad RAM in you computer so you can also see BSOD or blue screen problem. You can get “Fatal Excerption Error” this message. Fatal Error show the important hardware’s problem. Many time this message tell us which device is broken and which device need to replace. But you can see the “Fatal Excerption Error” message for which RAM do not install correctly. That’s means mismatch. Ex: The RAM buss speed and the motherboard buss speed must be match. If it is have mistake so you can see the “Fatal Excerption Error” message. To solve this problem so you have need to insert right buss speed RAM in motherboard. You can solve the “Wait State” in the BIOS setting. If you need to be increase the “Wait State”. So I hope you can solve this problem

3. BIOS Settings

Every motherboard have “Chipset Settings”. This settings set by the factory default. If you want to change this settings so you have need to open the BIOS settings. Press F2 or Delete button from keyboard in booting time. There have a common problem. This is CAS Latency who refer the RAM.

4. Hard Disk Drives

Every week or every month later should need to “fragment” all data from all hard drive. If you see the “Screen Freeze” problem, so “fragment” is the best way to solve this problem. The “fragment” is set by the windows default. For “fragment” go to Start→ Programs → Accessories → System Tools → Disk Defragmenter. Then run the Disk Defragmenter. When you want to “Disk Defragmenter” in your computer so it is better to do not work others programs. The hard disk have full so you can see your computer will working slow and going to crashing. So you have need to make free space in every drive. For more result do ScanDisk in your computer. If you do the ScanDisk so your hard disk will work very fast.

5. Fatal OE Exceptions & VXD Errors

Basically the Fatal OE Exceptions & VXD Errors come for the Video card problem. If your Video card have problem so you can see this problem. If you want to solve this problem so you have need to play videos with low resolution. So go to Start→ Settings→ Control Panel→ Display→ Settings. And you have need to confirm for Hardware Conflict problem .If you have see the Hardware Conflict problem so fix it as soon as possible. For solve this problem go to Start→ Settings→ Control Panel→ System→ Device Manager. Then click on “Display Adapter”. If there have Conflict so you have need to fix it.

6. Viruses

Virus is the very big problem in any computer. Your computer is going to Crashing for the viruses. Some of virus access in the hard disk boot sector and able to delete files from here. This reason your computer will be going to Crash. If you want to safe from this problem so I suggest to you, use antivirus. You can get many strong antivirus in online in free. So as soon as possible use any strong antivirus for protect the Crashing and also protect any viruses.

7. Software

Faulty software is another reason for computer Crashing. If you want to solve this problem so you have need to uninstall these Faulty software from your computer. You have need to install good software. The System registry will be corrupt for the old reference installation. So use the registry cleaner for clean the Registry. For better result reinstall the operating system in your computer.

8. Overheating

The CPU have cooling fan for keep cool the CPU. If the cooling fan do not work properly so CPU will be very hot (Overheat). This reason you can see a “Error”. This is “Kernel Error”. If you want to escape from this problem so you have need to clean the CPU cooling fan. And you also solve this problem to replace a new CPU cooling fan.

9. Power Supply Problems

Many times the “Power Supply” do not work properly. This time your computer can be crash .If you want to solve this problem so change the “Power Supply” as is need. And also use UPS for better result. UPS help to protect your computer from many side.   If you follow these rules so you can easily able to safe your computer from Crashing. Thanks to read this post. If you like the post so never forgets to share this post. Thanks again.


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