Create bootable USB drives the easily 2016

How to make bootable Pen Drive

Welcome everybody to our new post. Today I want to discuss about a very important tips. This is a very important tips for every computer user. In this post we can learn how to make a pen drive bootable. Thus is very hard tricks .If you follow our steps very carefully so you can do it very easily. Why need to make bootable pen drive? Nowadays computer is a very popular electronic machine. We can do any work using the computer. But we know that computer is a operating system make our life more reliable. Everybody know our computer or laptops is working for operating system. The operating system is life for any computer. Without installed any operating system you can’t run or open your computer. So operating system is very important parts of computer or laptops. Without any operating system you can’t do any work using the computer.   How to setup or install operating system? We learned that operating system is a very important parts of any computer. When you want to do any work using computer so you have need to install operating system. Every computer have a CD/DVD writer. We can use this writer for any kinds for copy writing. We also setup operating system using the CD/DVD writer very easily. But some of people can’t buy the CD/DVD writer for highly rates. Suppose, you have buy a computer but you have forget to buy the CD/DVD writer. So how to you setup the most important things computer, operating system?   This post is very essential for this people, they use computer but there haven’t any CD/DVD writer.

How To Create bootable USB  the easy way

So please follow our easy steps for setup operating system without any CD/DVD writer.   At first download a simple software. This software name is WinSetupFromUSB_0-2-3.exe .  This software size is too small but his work is unbelievable!!! You can make your Memory card or pen Drive bootable very easily. So please download this software using google search engine. When your download is ready unzip the software, then setup this software . When this software installation is complete, now insert your memory card or pen Drive (About 4GB) in your computer.   Now follow some easy steps with picture.   1st steps: At first open this installed WinSetupFromUSB_0-2-3.exe software. You can see this software window like the picture and click on “RMPrepUSB” options under the “Format USB Disk” Menu. Like this picture>>>>>>>>>>>>> Create bootable USB drives the easy way 2nd steps: When you click on “RMPrepUSB” options under the “Format USB Disk” you             can see other window. Now you have need to change some settings. At first select            “NTFS”. If you want to make your Pen drive bootable so you have need to format        this memory card in “NTFS” format. Then select on “Boot as HDD”. Now you need       to select or enable “WinPE/Vista V2 bootable [BOOTTMGR]. But you can also       select “Xp Bootable (NTLRD)” for your choice. If you want to erase your all data       from your memory card or pen drive you need to select “Clean USB Drive [Erase       USB Drive Partitions] for delete any viruses from your memory card. We are discuss          about Bootable Memory card or Pen Drive. So you have need to select on      “WinPE/Vista V2 bootable [BOOTTMGR]. When you finished all steps now need to        click on “ Prepare Drive”. When you click on “ Prepare Drive” you can see your command is working. For more details see the picture in below >>>>>>> Create bootable USB drives the easy way 2016 When your memory card or pen Drive is successfully prepared, you can see the main Window. Now need to some change on the WinSetupFromUSB_0-2-3.exe software.   3rd & Final Steps: This step is very important. In this steps you have need to copy all data from system disk. You can also download the operating system software form internet. When your download is ready now copy all operating system file in your Memory Card or Pen Drive. Then restart your computer and continue press “Del or F10” button. When you press these button this time you can see many options. Now select your memory card or pen drive for install operating system.   Now install your operating system. Next post I will discuss about how to setup any operating system easily.   So please write your comments , how is the post. If you like this post please don’t forget to share it on your friends circle.

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