15 Most Popular Apps For Android Smart Phone

In the smart phone world the android phone is more popular. Android Phone is very popular because it have various kinds of popular apps. The Google Play store have many apps for android. There have 26000+ apps that total 1 million+ downloaded. However now I gone to share some apps name , which apps are downloaded 1 million+. Most popular apps 2016,free android apps download,best android apps in the world,the best android apps in the world,very important apps for android,Best free Android apps of 2016,Best Android apps of 2016, Best Android apps 2016,15 best Android apps of 2016,top 10 apps free download,top free android apps 2016 Now see it below.

15 Most Popular Apps For Android Smart Phone

  1. Gmail:

→The gmail is one of the most important parts of in the internet world. The gmail is use in android phone for manage the Mail. Nowadays almost you can see this apps in any android phone. Not only android smart phone but also any type phone.
  1. Google Maps :

Google Maps →→→ Google maps is an another important apps for android smart phone. You can easily see any country’s road, shop, shopping mol, and interesting place. You can also able to see whole world in your android phone using the “Google maps” apps. The “Google Map” app develop by the Google. You can see any geographical place condition using the “Google Map” app.  
  1. Youtube

Youtube→→→→ No any person who do not know about the “youtube”. This is one of the great place to watch any videos. If you want to share your videos, so you can easily do this. You can only watch and share necessary videos. You can’t able to share any adult videos. This is the third apps for most downloaded and used. This app developed by the “Google”.  
  1. Facebook.

Facebook →→→→ Is one of the largest communication system in the world. Facebook help us to keep communication with our friends and family. It is most popular communication system in the communication world. I think no any smart phone who do not about Facebook. Now in this time the facebook alexa rank 3. The facebook is the most downloaded and used apps in the world.  
  1. Google Hangout→→

→→The “Google Hangout” is the app this app help us to instant messaging and calling. This is the 5th most used and most downloaded app in the world. The “Google Hangout” is very popular for instant calling and messaging.  
  1. Google Search→→

If want to learn about unknown things, so you have need to use the Google search engine. You can get your important content using this. It’s may be need -1 second time to found your result. If you want to search any data in internet, so you can use this “Google Search” app. No any alternative apps from the “Google Search” app.  
  1. Google Plus(+)→→

Google plus is a famous app for social communication. You can easily make your communication using the android apps.  
  1. Whatsapp Messenger→→

The Whatsapp is the one of the most popular app for instant messaging, calling and file sharing. It is a apps , the app help you to secret your all conversion. No any person do not know about your conversion. Even the Whatsapp authority do not able to see your message. After most popularity the Facebook buy the Whatspp.  
  1. Google Text To Speech→→

This is a most helpful app. This app help you to make voice from your any text. This reason the “Google Text To Speech” is more popular app. You can easily use this app.  
  1. Google Books→→

If you want to read any books from online, so you can take help from the “Google Books” apps. You can also read any books when you are offline. So the Google Books” is a popular app.  
  1. Facebook Messenger→→

If have already discus about the facebook app. The “Facebook Messenger” app help you to instant messaging and also video calling.  
  1. Google Chrome→→

The “Google Chrome” is most important software for computer. But you can download this app from “Google Play” for your android smartphone. The Google Chrome help you to browse internet very fast. The “Google Chrome” app developed by the “Google”.  
  1. Google Play Games→→

This app helps you to play awesome games and safe the games data only games store. You can use your saved data any time. This app developer is “Google”.  
  1. Google Play Music→→

The “Google Play Music” app use for playing music on your android phone. The “Google” is the builder of the app.  
  1. Google Drive→→

This app help to save our data online store. You can easily save data in using this app and you can also share data using the “Google Drive” app. Google Drive app develop by the “Google”.     Here we can see about 15 apps. Google is building the 12 apps from 15 apps. Because the android system created by the “Google”. And where we download any apps this place name is Google Play Store. This is also building the “Google”. You can see some apps installed in any android phone by the system default. Because the android system building the “Google”. Thanks to read this post. If you like this post so never forget to leave a comment. Thanks again.


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