How to Make Audio Files Louder Easily

How to Make Audio Files Louder Easily

Low volume of the audio file, close to useless and can be very frustrating, especially if you can not re-record the original audio. Whether it is a desktop or almost any audio files easily online audio editing software can be used to increase the volume, an MP3 music quite loud enough that you do not have your laptop or listen to a recorded audio file to be tried.
In this article, I approach an audio file that you can use to set the volume level for a couple of'm going to talk about. You'll need to do this for only a single audio file, an online tool that would be the best choice. If you need more control and options or adjust the volume contains many files, desktop audio editing program will probably be a good choice.
Online Tools
Luckily, only the increase in the volume of your audio files There are some sites on the Internet. Here are the ones I have used and works well.
The MP3 loud
From loud mp3
The MP3 audio file to increase the volume of your voice, it makes it really easy. File you want to adjust, and then turn up the volume on the radio button and click Browse to select. You can also use this site to reduce the volume of an audio file.
By default, audio-three decibels, which is recommended to be increased by. Obviously, in this setting, which goes all the way up to 50 dB can play around with. In addition, you increase the channel or you can select whether the left or right channel.
Now click the Upload button and wait a few minutes to upload the file and is optimized. Once it is finished, you'll see a green download button.
Download MP3 file
It's about! It is very easy to use and completely free as of now. I'm sure there are some limitations on the size of audio files, but 99% of cases it should work just fine.
Grab Tube
Another free online tool to grab tubes. Just select the file and then you can choose from auto or manual normalization. If you select Manual, you basically have three options, which are presented as sound is loud and large text.
Possession tube
For MP3 files, the maximum size, 40MB, so that should be easy enough for most people. You do not have to have a larger MP3 file, you can always cut MP3 file into small pieces first, and then use this tool.
Increase the volume of the mp3
You can download the audio file directly by clicking the link or you can listen online, a new audio file. In this case, the adjustment was not loud enough to be convenient, and you try a higher setting.
Desktop Tools
Desktop, my favorite tool for editing any type of audio is Audacity. How I'm already in digital format and how to capture the audio from your PC to convert cassette tapes Audacity, including several articles written about. Using Audacity, it is very easy to increase the volume of your audio files.
Another advantage to using a tool like Audacity rather than the whole thing, just a part of the track to increase volume. Everything online tools, some of which are being trimmed as a result of the very loud and could therefore will be discussed in detail.
Open Audacity and audio files loaded into the program. If you want to amplify the whole track, do not select anything. If you need to amplify a part of the track you just go ahead and click and drag your mouse over the blue area to select the part.
Track the audacity
Now click on the effect of the above and then amplify the impact of click.
Amplify audio
Here you can adjust the slider to choose the amount of amplification in decibel. Remember, if it sounds too loud to be trimmed, the button will be all right if you do not allow clipping check box. Audacity audio files without any audio clips that you would like to discuss in detail, you can select only the portion to be less than that, or you first need to use an audio compressor.
Amplification audacity
On a track to an audio compressor minimum and maximum (loud sound) will reduce the points difference between. Audacity, of course, it has built compressor performance. Just click on the effect and choose compressors. Here's how you can read about the work of the compressor in Audacity.
Once you have done that, you can try to amplify the audio again. Also, once permission clipping and try to see what it sounds like. Even with occasional clipping, audio sound acceptable.
Overall, adjust the volume of an audio track is not an easy task, but getting the right result can be a bit trickier. Always keep your original audio files, so you can return to it easily adjust to remember is not to your liking. If you have any questions, then post a comment. Enjoy!


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