What is Task Manager

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So let’s go our main points. To day I want to discuss about what is Windows Task manager. You can see Task manager to any kinds of Windows Operating System such as Windows Xp, Windows 7 or vista, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 etc. We can do many works using the Task Manager.

Everybody know what is Task Manager? If you don’t know about task manager ?
So I discuss again about task manager.

Task manger :
Task manager is a very useful program . Which contain many useful function .This function’s you can see many options.

We can do many works using to this. When your computer is running very slow you can see how many programs or software’s working slow. You can also see many viruses and delete this viruses easily for task manager. You can see which programs are not responding and see you cpu working parcentance .
How to open Task Manager ?
I f you click in the taskbar, so you can see many options .
This is , Toolbar, Cascade Windows, Title Windows Horizontally, Title Windows Vertically, Show The Desktop, Task Manager, Lock The Taskbar and the Properties .
It is easy to open Windows Task Manager. Right Click on The Taskbar and then click on Task Manager or press Ctlr+Alt+Delete.
If your Task Manager is enable , so you can do any work about task manager.
Such as Open any  programs , End Programs, Switch Programs, Computer Performance, Networking etc.
How it works ?
See below how to work the task manager.
  1. Applications:
It is first menu on your task manager. It help us to show how many applications running on our computer .You can see also “Not Responding” programs here.
You can see three options in the application bar. This is End Task, Switch ToNew Task. If your computer works slow so you can show how many programs are “Not responding”. If you see which program or software are not responding, or if you don’t close your running programs so you can close any programs by using “End Task”. At first select the program which not responding, and then click on” End Task” .This time you can see a dialogue box. If you click “End now” button contain the dialogue box, so you can close any program easily.
Switch To:
The switch to button is second option under the applications bar. The                         switch to button help us to popup our running programs.
New Task: New task is a very helpful program to open a new programs. If               you want to open a new program so click on, “New Task”. Then you can             see a dialogue box. “Create New Task”. Click on “Browse” . Then you             can see a box. So now you can open a new task or program easily.

  1. Processes: This is second Menu bar in your “Task Manager” . This options you can show “Image Name, User Name, Cpu, Mem Usage”. You can see many running programs in your process Options. You can also close any programs using “End Process”.

  1. Performance: It is 3dr menu on Task Manager. You click on “Performance” Tab, so you can show your Cpu Usage history here .You can see your Cpu working performance, CPU Usages History, PF Usage, Page File Usage History and many other things. You can learn about you CPU Working performances here.

4.      Networking: Networking menu help us to know about our Internet Connection History with a graph chart..

  1. User: It is last menu on our Task Manager. This menu’s you can see how many user active on your Computer. You can connect or disconnect any user using this menu. You also Log Off  your running computer using “User” menu.


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