Convert Any File Using Format Factory Software

Today I want to discuss about how to convert any file ex: any videos, audio or any photos. Everybody know many formula about converter.
using Format Factory.
This software is very helpful to convert any format Audio, videos and any photos.
At first you need to download this software form here.. or download it using Google search engine .
When your download is completed you need to install it. Now install it.
Please follow my steps to convert any file.

At first I want to tell you how many file you can convert.

  1. Videos:
Format factory is a very helpful software to convert any kinds of videos. I think this software is a king to converter. You can convert any video any format. You can convert video format . When you click on “Video” option. Then you can look many options under the video options. Like the picture in below  ….
·         All to Mobile Device :
You can convert any format videos for your won phone .If you use Motorola Mobile phone so you can get best result to using this software. When you click on Video options so you can show many mobile phone lists. You can select your own mobile Brand and convert any video file easily. You can show many phone list on the All to Mobile Device section. Ex: Sony, Apple iPhone , iPod iPad,Asus , Gemei, google ,Nokia , Motorola and many other phones . See in the photos…
You can also change or give custom resolution each video or change any audio bite rate as your like.
·         All to MP4
It is a very important video format for original resolution videos. You can get better video and sound quality in the “MP4” section.

·         All to 3GP
If your phone don’t high resolution videos , so you can use this format .In this system you can get supported resolutions , original color etc.
·         All to RMVB
·         All to GIF
This is last options for the main menu of “Videos”. You can create a Gif file (Animation) from a long or short videos easily. But there have some  problems to create a animation. When you convert any animation from a video file you can look some different on your created animation. You do not get original resolution or original color in your created animation. If you want to create any kinds of animations so you can lose original video quality.

  1. Audio
This is second converting option or format in this converting software
·         All to MP3
This is an awesome audio converting option to convert any Awesome MP3 form any finds video format. You can also convert any audio for better sound quality.
·         All to WMA
If you convert any audio file from any videos or audio you can’t get good quality like the MP3 formats. But you can save your memory card space.
·         All to FLAC
If you convert any audio you can’t get better result like MP3 format. So I suggest to you , if you want to get very good sound quality so please use MP3 format for convert any audio files.
·         All to AAC
·         All to AMR
And many others format about Audio section .

  1. Picture: This is a awesome feature on the format factory. You can get many photos format on the Picture options .You can set any custom resolution of any kinds of photos file .I want to discuss about  all kinds of photos format.
·         All to JPG
It is a awesome picture format. This covert system help us to make our awesome picture and small size without lose original resolution and color. Do you have any longer photos , you don’t upload it in your social media or upload it for web site content. Everybody know log size photos protect us to load the page faster. So please convert it. If you convert it so you can upload it easily and your webpage load very faster
·         All to PNG
If your photos format is very high  so you can easily convert it and can use it any webpage .
·         All to ICO
Do you have any website ? If you have a website so you know better about ICO image format. You can easily covert any photos from any format using the Format factory software.

·         All to BMP
It is same to ICO.
·         All to Gif
I have already discuss about it. We can make a animation/GIF file in easy way for Format Factory software. When you have need some animations open Format Factory and select this image format and convert animations form any videos.

  1. ROM Device/DVD/CD/IOS.
We can easily convert any type videos to CD/DVD etc. So Format Factory is very helpful software for us.

How to covert?
At first download this software . You can use google search engine for better result. When your download is ready , then install it. Then open it. When this software is opened now drag your any file for convert. You can select your favorite supported format and drag your files for convert. Then click on ok from the dialogue box . Finally you need to “Start” Converting . Click on “Start” menu for start converting .You can also pause your converting clicking on “Pause” Menu.
Where I get my converted files ?
            It is very easy! When you want to start for converting you can see many options.  
            When you select your converting format you can change your output folder using
            Browse option. IF you don’t set your own folder , you can get your converted                   file in the targeted folder. You can find your converted file in Format factory              default folder. Open your “My Document>>>FFoutput.
            You can get your all converted files in this location .
Now you can convert any file easily using Format Factory.
Now Enjoy It Friends.

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