Bad Sector Repair

Everybody know what is Bad Sector ?. We know bad sector how is harmful. If you don’t know about this please see our post first “What is Bad Sector”. You can get properly conception about the Bad sector.

Today I want to discuss how to Repair or remove bad sector very easily. It is very easy to repair the harmful virus. Today we learn how to repair bad sector without any software.
If you want to Repair the bad sector so please follow our rules.

In this post you know 2 ways to Repair bad sector.

First formula : Without any software.
Let’s go……….

Step 1 : When bad sector attack our computer, this time everybody feel out computer working/running very slow !!
If your computer working very slow, please reinstall your operating system . If you don’t know how to setup operating system , so you need to help from seniors. You can get help about “How to setup operating system” you can see your previous post.

Step 2: If you have setup operating system successfully !! Now Open/start you computer .Open your hard drive in Explore mode . At first select a partition or drive Ex:-  D: drive. Press mouse right button and click
on “Properties”. You can see about this picture in below ……
If your operating system is “Windows Xp”, so you can see like the picture.

My photo here

Step 3: Kindly click on disk cleanup .
After finished cleanup, follow next step.

Step 4: Now follow this steps very carefully !!
          Click on “Tools” options.
After clicking on the Tools options , you can see many other options below.
1: Check Now :
This option help to us for checking our Drive for bad sector and many other viruses. You can delete many viruses using this “Check Now” options.
2: Dfragmantion :
          You can Defragmantion any Partitions or Drives using it.
3: Backup :
Finally “Backup”. I think this option is very helpful to us. We can easily can keep backup our data in others Drives.

So please follow our next steps.

Step 5: When you click on Tools menu you can see three other options.
          (I already discussed about this)
          Now click on “Check Now”. You can see like this picture.

Step 6 : When you click on Check now options then you get a dialogue box                 or message box like this picture.


Then follow next steps.

Steps 7: When you see the check now box , please select on
          “Automatically Fix File System Errors”. Please do not select two               options together. If you don’t understand this see the picture below
This step need some time for complete the Task .You can get complete dialogue box within 3-5 minutes.
When you get complete Disk checking message , then do next step for Repair the bad sector.
Step 8: Again click on check now option and when you get the message box please select different option . Please select it…….
“Sean for and attempt recovery of bad sector”
Like the picture below ……..

In  this step need to enough time for complete to the Task. I think you need to long time to complete the step. Don’t worry sit and keep endurance .You can get complete dialogue box within 10-15 minutes.

If you complete the task successfully , you can show your D: drive is working very fast from other drives.
Please scan all drives using upward instructions .
If you scan all drives successfully then restart your computer. When open your Computer you can look your computer work more faster !!!! like a new hard disk or program !!!.
Now you can do any work in your computer.
Next post I will discuss about bad sector repair using a simple software in my next post.

So, dear readers  if you like my post or you think this post is helpful for us so don’t forget to write your comments and share it in your friends circle.


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