How To Remove Recycle Bin

Hi , how are you friends ? I think everybody very well. I am also fine by grace by God.
By the way let’s go our main topic.
Everybody want to clean won Desktop. But they can’t know how to Delete Or Remove Recycle Bin From Desktop?
Today I want to show you , How to remove Recycle Bin from your Computer and Laptops ?
Everybody can delete any file or folders any time and very easily(Without Write Protected Memory Or Drive) .But you also  can’t delete Recycle Bin form your computer. If you want to remove or delete Recycle Bin from Desktop , so you need to some tricks.
If you don’t know this formula or Tricks you can’t Delete or Remove recycle bin from your computer. So friends I want to tell you how can you do this?
So let’s starts………………….

First Step:

            Click start Menu and then click on run , Or Press Windows Key + R .
            You can see the “run” Box . So please Type “Gpedit.msc” (With out the                quote ) And Hit “Enter”.

Second Steps:

            After hit Enter, you can see “Group Policy” dialogue box. Please Click on the                 user configuration.

Third Steps: If you click on the user configuration menu, you can see three menu’s.

Fourth Steps: Please click on “Administrator Templates” Under the user   
                           configuration menu.
Five Steps:
Now click on “Desktop” option .Now you can see other to options . Please find “Remove Recycle Bin Icon From Desktop”.

Final Steps:
If you get the “Remove Recycle Bin Icon From Desktop” option, so kindly  double click on this options . This time you get a “ Box “Remove Recycle Bin Icon From Desktop Properties”. You can see default settings “Not Configured”. If you want to remove recycle bin so , select “Enabled” and click on “Apply” and “Ok”
Then Refresh your computer on the desktop . What you see !!!!
Wow !! We have done this work successfully.

Now you can’t see the Recycle Bin on your desktop. If you need the Recycle Bin” again so you can do this very easy!!!               
So follow our all steps and only change from the Final Steps. Where you selected on “Enabled” now select on “Not Configured”. Now save this setting using “Apply or Ok”.
Then you can see your Recycle Bin’ On your exact place.
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